About Port Cupid

Port Cupid Co., Ltd is a trading company located in the city of Nagoya, right in the center of Japan's main island. More than just a standard individual trading company, Port Cupid is differentiated by its careful selection of high-quality products, attentive sales support, and full package of trading support.


Port Cupid is staffed by entirely by capable, highly-experienced, and trendy women. We offer only carefully-selected items with confidence and also provide sales support in oversea markets. We believe that the following qualities are essential to our work:

  • Speedy
  • Trendy
  • Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality)

Customer Satisfaction

We offer something that customers can never find anywhere else. That special something...

  • is trendy.
  • creates a noticeable benefit.
  • increases the convenience of daily life.
  • bring a smile to your face.

Our Mission & Company Policy


The company name "Port Cupid" expresses how we guide goods from Port to Port like a Cupid. We go beyond simply providing goods to carefully ascertain the needs of customers throughout the world and to introduce products which satisfy those needs, thus enhancing the quality of life. At the same time, we bring the pride and technique of Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

Company Policy

As a multi-vendor, we provide a customized line of high-quality products offering a wide range of selection for each customers. We also work together with our customers to support the planning of effective marketing tactics.

Company Profile

Company Name Port Cupid Co., Ltd.
Office Location 1-3-3 Gonyuoshi Nakagawa-ku Nagoya, Aichi, 454-0033 Japan
Telephone +81 52 387 9890
Founded July 2009
CEO Kayoko Kanasashi
Capital JPY5,000,000
  • Export Liquor License
  • Antique Dealer License
Group Company Anasia Co., Ltd.
(Belly Dance Costume, Apparel & Apparel goods import and retail at retail store and internet store.)


会社名 株式会社Port Cupid
所在地 名古屋市中川区五女子1-3-3
代表番号 (052)387-9890
会社設立 平成21年7月8日
代表者 代表取締役 金指加代子
資本金 5,000,000円
事業内容 自動車・自動車関連機器の販売および修理、輸出入業務、酒類の販売および輸出入業務
  • 酒類販売業免許
  • 古物商許可証
Group Company 株式会社アナシア

Partners around the world

Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, U.S., China, South Korea, Ireland, Ukraine, Spain, Republic of Guyana, Thai, South Africa, Zambia, Republic of Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Egypt

Message from CEO

Port Cupid started in a spare room of a small condo in 2009. I was 32 at the time, with no management experience but a determination to succeed.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to our valued customers, business partners and supporters as we move into our second decade.

Our name originates from the concept of Cupid making connections from port to port around the world.

Port Cupid strives to please and satisfy our customers time and time again. We provide worldwide access to great products and services for our Japanese customers while presenting the best offerings from Japan to our customers overseas.

As a female business owner and mother of two, I hope to serve as a positive role model for children and young people and help them find the confidence to try new things. Going forward, I want to continue to devote myself to the development of this idea.

On behalf of the Port Cupid team, thank you again for your continued patronage and support.

Port Cupid Co., Ltd.
Kayoko Kanasashi, CEO


2009年に小さなマンションの1室で株式会社Port Cupidを設立して以来10年以上の時が流れました。






引き続き株式会社Port Cupidをご支援頂きます様、お願い申し上げます。

株式会社Port Cupid
代表取締役 金指加代子


Those artisans will be happy to see and hear people’s smile as well.

Port Cupid is organized with limited number of all female staffs and we believe that our flexibility, creativity, and vitality as female are no less than other large trading corporations.

Trading has unlimited potential and infinitely possible.

At the beginning, I started Port Cupid myself alone and we grew up to how we are now. We sincerely appreciate to our customers, suppliers, and partners for all the support during this time.
We are committed to try challenge for better and continuous growth.

We do our best to “make more people smile through our trading business”

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