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Exporting Japanese Vehicles

We have access to collect high quality brand new and used cars using more than 15 years experience in this category. We export to everywhere around the world.

Our Strengths

Exporting Japanese Vehicles
  • Our experienced and reliable staff utilizes a wide network to insure that our customers receive the correct order on time.
  • Through a close relationship with dealers, we constantly grasp the latest trends.
  • With access to automated auction systems, we possess the network to search all of Japan.

Car Makers

TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, MAZDA, ISUZU, SUZUKI, LEXUS and any cars in Japan and some other countries

Our Services

We offer trendy, speedy, and hospitable assistance

Our Services

Planning sales strategy

Plan sales strategy

The most important point is to match products with the sales channel, media, and sales promotion (how to sell the product). At Port Cupid, our professional marketing staffs carefully develop sales strategy and identify the best methods to make the product stand out in the specified market. Our planning is based on extensive experience and elaborate market analysis.

Close relationship with suppliers

Close relationship with suppliers

We believe in the importance of keeping a close relationship with suppliers. We visit the majority of suppliers’ manufacturing plants in order to secure quality. We also hold periodic meetings to update and exchange information. Through a close relationship with suppliers, we develop ideas to produce additional value and outstanding products. It also enables us to offer customers the latest and most accurate information.



We consider our clients as partners. Prior to launching a product in a new market, our professional marketing staff develops a unique sales strategy for each product and market based on close analysis. We also hold several meeting sessions with our partners in order to formulate solid marketing tactics. We believe that such elaborate planning is an essential process for success.

Food service

らうめん侍 名古屋栄店

栄タワービル 1階102号室

Ramen Samurai Nagoya-Sakae

1F 1 Sakae Tower Building 4-12-19 Sakae Naka-ku Nagoya-city 460-0008


一芳(イーファン) 金沢香林坊アトリオ


Yifang Kanazawa

1-1-1Kohrinbo Atrio Kohrinbo Kanazawa-city Ishikawa 920-0961


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